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                                  Hello! Welcome to visit Shanghai Baiqiang Washing Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. official website!

                                  Location: Home > Product

                                  Name: Tunnel washer (washing Long)

                                  In comparison with the traditional washer, this tunnel washer is designed with water circulationfilt……

                                  Category: Tunnel washer

                                  Name: Press Dehydrator

                                  Press dehydrator is one of units for tunnel washing equipment. Linen is automatically dehydrated aft……

                                  Category: Squeezer

                                  Name: GXH-125Q Tunnel Dryer

                                  This dryer uses steam to heat up, with capacity 120 kg. The inner roller has a large diameter 1425 m……

                                  Category: Through dryer

                                  Name: Separating conveyor

                                  Separating conveyor Summary: One of laundry ancillary equipment Long Brand: hundred Model: CONWAH……

                                  Category: Transmission means

                                  Name: XGQ series eluting frequency dual-purpose machine

                                  1] washing room, wash bucket dehydration bedroom installation, thermal spray zinc outer cylinder, an……

                                  Category: Wahser Extractor

                                  Name: XGQ-150TT tilt eluting machine

                                  XGQ-150TT倾斜式洗脱机是结合本公司多年从事洗涤设备研发及服务的宝贵经验开发的新一代高端双倾斜工业洗衣脱水机。 超高脱水力 大于320G的高脱水率洗脱机,脱水后布草含水率低于60,从而可降低……

                                  Category: Wahser Extractor

                                  Name: GXH-125Q after the forward dryer

                                  The device uses steam heating, single capacity 125KG, large diameter of the inner cylinder 1425mm, c……

                                  Category: Dryer

                                  Name: HG Series Automatic Dryer

                                  1] dryer liner made of imported high quality stainless steel elaborate, the entire drying process au……

                                  Category: Dryer

                                  Name: C830 / C833 trough ironing machine

                                  Modular design, unified design platform, steam heat, a variety of configuration options. Full range ……

                                  Category: Trough ironing machine

                                  Name: Steam Press

                                  Reliable operation, the use of sprocket rotation,configure the drive tensioner mechanism to ensure s……

                                  Category: Steam Press

                                  Name: Gas ironing machine

                                  1. The overall slab rigid frame processed, refined extubation straight rollers, even high-speed oper……

                                  Category: Gas ironing machine

                                  Name: Electric heating ironing machine

                                  1] electric heating, drive with speed adjustment, adjustable speed according to the heating temperat……

                                  Category: Electric heating ironing machi

                                  Name: ZD3000-V / ZD3300-V type folding machine

                                  1] has determined folding specification, protectionalarm, self-diagnosisautomatic management system;……

                                  Category: Linen folding machine

                                  Name: ZDG-3300 high-speed folding machine

                                  ● folding standardized identification, protectionalarm, self-diagnosisautomatic management system ●……

                                  Category: High-speed folding machine

                                  Name: Spread Machine

                                  ZB-3300III spread is designed for social-star hotellaundry plantother enterprises are involved, main……

                                  Category: Spread Machine

                                  Name: MJ18A towel folding machine

                                  1] for the folded towel automation equipment, rollaway variety of solutions basedcustomer needs; 2]……

                                  Category: Towel folding machine

                                  Name: GDB oil Dryer


                                  Category: Dry-cleaning machines

                                  Name: P series closed dry-cleaning machines

                                  ◎ P series fully enclosed dry-cleaning equipment developedthe field of important results, which high……

                                  Category: Dry-cleaning machines

                                  Name: GX series dry-cleaning machines

                                  ◎ GX series dry-cleaning machine cited the advanced technology, excellent design, strict quality con……

                                  Category: Dry-cleaning machines

                                  Name: TDN-S microcomputer Frequency petroleum dry cleaning machines

                                  ◎ having a wash, degreasing agent capabilities for hotels, restaurants, hospitals, clothing, industr……

                                  Category: Dry-cleaning machines

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