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                                  Hello! Welcome to visit Shanghai Baiqiang Washing Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. official website!

                                  Shanghai Baiqiang Washing Equipment Manufacturing Co.,Ltd located at No.288,Shenzhou Road,Fengcheng Town, Fengxian Area of Shanghai,China, founded in 2002 and always keeps the tenet of survival on quality and development on benefit since its foundation.After hard working and efficient & stable development over 15 years through the joint efforts of all employees.Baiqiang occupies floor area over 53,333 sqm with wo


                                  Top after 20 years hard excellence, high speed steady development, now covers an area of 80 acres, production workshop 30000 square meters……

                                  Warmly congratu

                                  Warmly congratulated Shanghai hundred Washing Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Official W……Read More

                                  Full mold production equipment, using the latest technology and techniques to ensure high quality.

                                  Taiwan to employ experts to develop special effects wash washing raw materials.

                                  Comprehensive, long-term technical and promotional support, the majority of customers to join the strong backing.

                                  According to the actual situation to determine the optimal configuration of equipment.

                                  Shanghai BaiQiang Washing Equipment Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.   Web:www.xzli.tw Fax:+86 021 57132882
                                  Add:Building 12,No.288 Shenzhou Road,Fengxian District,Shanghai City,China
                                  Tammy :Mob&WhatsApp:+86 18017012936    Email:[email protected]    QQ:1832660714(Tammy-BaiQiang)